Independent Sales Executive

Job description

If you have a passion for sales and helping others but want to earn more more and have more freedom, please read on. We’re looking for great people among the young and not-so-young for sales positions across Canada.

What’s in it for you?
  • Be your own boss with autonomy and freedom from “desk jockey” sales management
  • Earn high rate of recurring commission, even if you leave us
  • Build your own business within a business with little risk
  • Training and development plans aligned with your goals
  • Your office is wherever you are or want to be (no commuting!)
  • If you’re a recent graduate, gain invaluable sales experience that will help you in any future venture
  • Build something bigger and better together with like-minded people in a business focused on helping everyone succeed
About You

You’re a little different than most, and that’s a great thing:

  • You have passion and a clear purpose in life
  • You’re a little bold and willing to take risks but always willing to bet on YOU
  • Naturally curious, you seek ways to learn from people and sources that don’t simply support your natural biases
  • You imagine new possibilities and creative ways to solve problems
  • You’re full of grit and determination; You persist and persevere when facing challenges
  • You have high emotional intelligence
Compensation Model

This position is commission-based with a couple of key benefits to you:

  • We realize people have other goals in life, and you can continue to earn residual commission on accounts after you leave.
  • You can earn additional commission by recruiting and/or referring other salespeople to our business.
  • You can build your own sales team to coach, manage and continue to grow your business. This is a business within a business.
How we help business

Integrated Carriers helps companies in two key ways: 1) Automating manual shipping and procurement process through our FREE web-based shipping software called SoluShip. 2) As a third party logistics provider (3PL), we provide expertise companies need while gaining access to highly competitive transportation pricing.

What you’ll do
  • Prospect for new business customers using phone, email, social media, referrals, networking and face-to-face methods to qualify and prioritize opportunities
  • Engage prospects and customers to help them understand the benefits of shipping automation through our free software platform (saves time, money and improves accuracy) plus help them
  • save money with very competitive shipping rates
  • Look for ways to innovate to uncover opportunities for customers meet objectives in addition to simply addressing the identified pain
  • Work with implementation teams to ensure smooth onboarding of new customers and position yourself for additional share of wallet and referral business
  • Meet with customers on a regular basis to ensure expectations are being exceeded and build strong relationships with multiple stakeholders to help drive customer loyalty
Support you’ll get

You won’t be going this alone. We have a support team and tools in place to help you and our customers succeed:

  • Online marketing plus a lead and referral app that will help provide sales leads
  • You’re offering SoluShip which is a free, web-based shipping platform that will benefit almost any business
  • Tools like CRM, mobile apps and a sales playbook to help you understand our business and where you’re most likely to find success
  • Access to great sales coaching, mentoring and training resources (videos, case studies, workbooks)
  • Customer onboarding support and customer service
  • Team of logistics experts to go beyond the benefits of the SoluShip platform
  • Company focused on innovation and disruption through technology
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Dave Loggie
Chief Commercial Officer
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Package/Freight Delivery
  • Computer Software
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