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Couriers have size limitations and packaging guidelines to help ensure your goods get from A to B in the same condition as when they were shipped. Oversize or improperly packaged shipments require additional handling and are a significant cost to all courier companies. To address these challenges, couriers are increasing handling fees as a way to push those items to less-than-truckload carriers. Please note the following changes to fees couriers are charging to handle oversize items:


UPS Changes Effective July 9, 2018

UPS will be increasing charges for oversize shipments moving in the UPS courier network:

Over Maximum Limits fee will change from $150 to $650 per package

Oversize Pallet Handling Surcharge will increase from $150 per pallet to $650 per pallet

UPS is also making the following changes to the Additional Handling description to the 2018 Rate Guide:

  • Any article that is not fully encased in corrugated cardboard, including but not limited to metal, wood, hard plastic, soft plastic (e.g., plastic bag) or expanded polystyrene foam (e.g., Styrofoam).


DHL Express Changes

Effective June 1, 2018 DHL Express drivers and agents will only pick up shipments and pieces that have been properly packaged. DHL has put together new guidelines to help shippers understand the changes and ensure goods get to final destination in the condition in  which they were shipped.

Effective September 1, 2018, DHL Express will only accept shipments that contain pieces up to 300 kg in actual weight and a maximum 300 cm in length. The total maximum weight for any multi-piece shipment will remain unchanged at 1000 kg. All shipments over the maximums can still be booked with Integrated Carriers and our Global Forwarding division.


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