Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction

There are a number of ways to increase customer satisfaction as a business owner. Among the most important is delivering on the promises you make. If you tell your customers that they’ll receive the products they buy from you on a timely basis, you’ve got to make that happen.

When you ship to other countries, you must abide by their rules and regulations for trade. The same is true when importing goods into Canada. To clear customs and protect your business from risk of penalties you will need to be compliant. This can be challenging, because each country will have its own set of set of rules and regulations.

Part of becoming a scalable business is evaluating the services that you’re utilizing to see how efficiently they’re working. If you’re overpaying for brokerage fees or finding it difficult to keep up with duty drawback and assessment filing, why not give that task to us?

As a licensed customs broker, we’re experts at dealing with customs complexities so you can focus on growing your business. Our goal is to ensure your customers have nothing but a positive experience dealing with you. When they’re satisfied with the products you deliver – without the extremely high “got ya” surprise brokerage fees – they’re sure to buy from you again.

At Integrated we have a small army of software developers enhancing our free-to-use SoluShip platform by leveraging the 6 D’s of exponential technology. This includes automating customs brokerage as an addition to the great procurement and shipping automation tools we provide today. The benefit will be a simplification of customs complexities, more transparency and ideally lower brokerage fees for your business.

Let us know how we can address your unique business needs. Contact us for more information about customs brokerage. We’re willing to help you grow your business today.

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