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Using multiple couriers and carriers without a shipping platform can have a significant opportunity cost on your business: Requesting or looking up rates; waiting on rate proposals; arranging and scheduling pick-up; coordinating transportation for imports; preparing paperwork; preparing customs paperwork and; tracking shipments; approving Payables from multiple carriers.

These activities all adds up in terms of time and money spent on activity that slows your business and adds little value to your customers.

SoluShip is an online platform that integrates leading couriers and hundreds of carriers on one website and automates manual shipping and procurement activity. This helps your business strip out cost you may not be measuring and can help you refocus human capital on tasks that focus on your customers.

The platform is always free when you take advantage of our buying power and network of leading transportation providers.

Sign-up to begin the process. You’ll be contacted by one of our customer evangelists who’ll help you get started and find the best way to configure SoluShip to meet your specific procurement and shipping needs.

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