What Makes Courier Services Ideal?

Among the most ideal solutions available is courier services. It allows businesses to choose which major shipping companies to use to deliver goods to customers worldwide. Having an account with a company means that you’re able to ship for a certain length of time before being billed. In the business world, this is often a very good thing.

The Problem with Other Courier Services

There are problems that come with most courier services, however. For example, in order to maintain a certain shipping rate, you must ship a specific number of packages. If you don’t meet the minimum for some reason, you pay more for the packages you do ship.

Why Integrated Carriers’ Courier Services are the Best

There are many reasons why Integrated Carriers’ Courier Services are ideal. Here are some things for you to consider:

  • It saves you time. A multi-service solution provider gives you greater options and flexibility. You don’t have to maintain separate accounts for each shipping company you work with. You work with us and our partners to come up with the best, most efficient shipping options for your business.
  • It saves you money. You won’t be stuck meeting that monthly minimum which means that you won’t pay extra for doing less business. Fewer expenses means greater profits for your company.
  • It prevents you from hiring additional staff. Additional labor may be needed to track packages or pay invoices. If you don’t want to add more staff members to your team because of cost, you won’t have to. You’ll experience greater ease with the SoluShip platform. You can then use the time saved to do other things to expand your business.

Integrated Carriers’ Courier Services offer greater efficiency as well as the option to bring your own account with you. If you’re a new business and need a safe and reliable means of shipping, we also offer competitive pricing. Our partnerships are with companies you know well such as Purolator, DHL, UPS, and FedEx. Best of all, we help packages get delivered to over 200 countries using the service and shipping rate that best benefits your business.

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