Courier Shipping

Courier shipping can be very time consuming and time costs you money. To win business you need to have great rates and arrange timely delivery. Using multiple couriers means you’re spending even more time shipping, tracking and paying invoices. When you fall below minimum volumes your rates increase. Then there’s the opportunity costs when you’re doing things manually. It all adds up.

Shipping can be quite chaotic…But it doesn’t have to be.

Wherever you sell and whenever you ship, we’ve got you covered. Outbound or inbound. One shipment or one thousand. Whether you’re a really small business or a global enterprise, SoluShip helps you save time…Time that could be better spent helping customers and growing your business.

Benefits of courier shipping through Integrated:

  • Increase efficiency and reduce time by 50% or more
  • Competitive pricing or bring your own account
  • Multiple service and rate options to more than 200 countries worldwide
  • Fully integrated with the major domestic and international courier and parcel service providers through web service API’s.

FREE to use, why not experience the benefits of shipping automation through SoluShip today?


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